Debt collection companies make billions

In 2015, the Swedes borrowed money like never before because housing prices were high and mortgages were cheap, and in addition, consumer loans are increasing rapidly. Of course, it is not wrong to borrow money if you have a stable income and have no problems repaying what you have borrowed, but unfortunately this can sometimes […]

Find the cheapest loan of USD 3,000

On this information site you will find a lot of articles about different types of loans. In this particular article we will take up a little more about mobile loans of USD 3,000. For example, we advise on various good links that you may benefit from and we also make a price comparison of a […]

To keep in mind when visiting pages about loans

Here i was thinking of picking up some stuff which is good to think about when visiting pages about loans. Because there are quite a few of these here on the net and this page is obviously an example. Sites like this are very good for getting information about how different loans work, which ones […]

What is a Mobile Loan?

      This is a question that is actually very easy to answer. A mobile loan is a loan that you only take with the help of your mobile phone. These loans are also often called SMS loans and it is the same. How much can you borrow? For those who want to borrow […]

We compare prices for mobile loans of USD 5,000

This is an article that, surprisingly, is about mobile loans of USD 5,000. Especially surprising considering the name we have chosen for the article. Here we will try to go through a little quick what you need to think about and we will also do price comparison plus you will find tips. We will not […]

Debt consolidation: help or danger?

There is also the question of the loan period. Of course, if you opt for a shorter loan period, you will pay a higher monthly payment, but you save in the long run. For the 30 year maximum loan term, the monthly depreciation will be lower, but you will pay much more in the long […]

Christmas into the loan industry

Christmas is, as you know, a department store with a wide range for all home fixers etc. It is a family company that celebrates 40 years this year and they have gone from selling a single product (a woodcutter) to a large number of department stores around Sweden and also some in other countries. In […]