Here i was thinking of picking up some stuff which is good to think about when visiting pages about loans. Because there are quite a few of these here on the net and this page is obviously an example.

Sites like this are very good for getting information about how different loans work, which ones lend, how much they cost and so on.

There are also many others who are good at doing this


of course we think our site is one of the better ones but there are others that are clearly worth a visit.

However, what you should watch out for are those pages that are not particularly serious. These can fool you in the wrong way because what is on the pages does not hold any great quality plus they want to do certain things only when they make money on it.

Then it should be said that we certainly have some errors on Alltomlå also which would be strange otherwise as we have over 600 different sub pages. So even if we always try to write correctly, we probably missed something.

All loans

All loans

Pages that write that they compare all lenders or that they have all loans or such, one should be very careful. Here on our site we currently have just under 60 lenders and loan brokers. This is not all but there are several lesser known further on the market. So if the site you are visiting only has 10 lenders or something, you can be pretty sure it is not all. Therefore, it is difficult to take such a page seriously.

The likely thing is that they only have lenders on their side that they make money from. We have chosen a little different route ourselves on our side. Of course, we have lenders with whom we make money, too. Otherwise it would be difficult to run a page like this. But we have also chosen to put in lenders who give us no money at all. This is because we think it is better for our visitors and therefore for us in the long run to have a good site.

Then of course you should not rely blindly on us or any other site that has comparisons from many lenders. However, you can probably find a little more on a site that has invested in more quality than just the one that raises money.

How often is the page updated?

How often is the page updated?

Many who make web pages get tired of these after a while and stop updating. Maybe it doesn’t have enough visitors to make it worth your while. Whatever the reason, be careful about pages that haven’t been updated in a while.

If they have loan comparisons then the numbers will probably not match anymore as much may have happened since the last update. Especially for home loans where interest rates often change every week. Private loans and micro loans often stay fairly stable.

We have a problem with the system we are using at the moment when we do not show up on the site when we have changed interest rates. Something we need to look at in the near future. What I can say is that we check interest rates and such often to hopefully have the latest figures.

But it is not only interest rates that change but a page that has not been updated in a while may have missed other things also that have happened. For example, a year ago, how much you can offer in mortgage loans changed. An old page may simply have incorrect information.

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